Led by Jeff Garner, a prominent fitness expert and healthy living guru with an intense outdoor workout that will challenge your aerobic and anaerobic capacity! Our core strength with plyometric exercises and conditioning circuits will help you meet your goals. Embrace the summer with our workouts and gear up for a new body!

Price: $ 15/ per person

How to start:

Gather five or more friends willing to get in shape. We will come to you! Offering state-to-state boot camps, contact us today at 646.867.5037 or e-mail caliber.training@gmail.com. Visit our site at: www.caliberfit.com


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    Training for Everyone

    We offer personal training to anyone between the ages of 18-60, who is highly determined to get into a physical training program. We help clients who are suffering with health related issues, and physical complication and more.

    Rather it is your first time touching foot in a Caliber or you have been out of the Caliber for a while Caliber Fitness will have patience to make sure we can help with your transformation to getting back in shape.

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    I'll Come to You

    The training sessions also offer clients "I'll come to you" service, which consist of on-site personal training sessions when a personal trainer will come and meet you.

    Rather you prefer to train at home, in the park, at your local gym a trainer will have the ability to drive and meet you for your convenience while also providing small equipment needed to make sure your training is completed at its highest potential.

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